Seminar: Injury Prevention

Maintaining your fitness levels require great attention for details. As fitness enthusiasts, we all want to be able to keep fit and avoid any injuries while working out. But from time to time, we fall victims to bad practices or habits and find ourselves on the sideline with an injury. To help you understand more about injury prevention, we have invited Dr Jason Rutkauskas from Align Chiropractic to hold a seminar at UFC Gym Singapore, CityLink Mall.

Dr Jason Rutkauskas is the founder of Align Chiropractic and has been treating office workers and athletes in Singapore for the past 5 years. His clinic focuses on postural correction, chronic sports injuries, neck and back pain, and headache/migraine resolution. Using a range of treatments from

  • Muscle Release Technique

  • Stability Exercises

  • and traditional Chiropractic care, they are known for personalized, detailed, and effective solutions. 

Book your slots here & enjoy a complimentary* extremity adjustment & muscle release technique.

*Only applicable for physical participants. Physical slots are limited to 5 people only.

*Online slots will also be available for booking.


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