Importance of Personal Training

Updated: Sep 13

Why should I hire a personal trainer? Isn't that for the wannabe athletes? Not necessarily. The benefits of personal training can extend beyond your super goal-oriented athletes.

Having a Personal Trainer can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals faster, safer and gain results more effectively. In a world filled with "fitness influencers", you can't beat the expert advice from a qualified and experienced professional.

A Personal Trainer will help design a training program that is suitable for your body type and your fitness levels. This way, your body will go through a systematic change that is beneficial for you in the long run.

It will also ensure that you don't overexert yourself in trying to achieve your fitness goals. A Personal Trainer will come up with a safe, suitable and specific training program just for you.


With the right coach, the impossible becomes possible. Maximize your potential with our elite coaches. You’ll be equipped with a program designed to meet your unique needs and a partner who will push you to go further and go faster. Meet our personal trainers.

Karthik used to be a small-framed child who was constantly bullied. Since then, this has driven his genuine passion in helping others build their bodies.

With 11 years of experience in the fitness industry, Karthik is now a Fitness Expert at UFC Gym CityLink and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. He has experience in managing multiple fitness centres and specializes in strength training and fat loss for his clients.

Additionally, Karthik has other credentials in Kickboxing and Rehabilitation. With his professional attitude and cheerful personality, Karthik aims to groom other trainers and to spread the importance of fitness.

Ehsaan started his fitness career with Asia’s largest fitness distributor and moved on to work in several other reputable gyms and fitness center globally. He was also a Master Trainer for the U.S. based program Cross Circuit by Octane Fitness and has helped many other personal trainers in Asia get certified.

Through his passion in helping people being the best version of themselves, Ehsaan has helped people from various walks of life to achieve their fitness goals.

Let Ehsaan introduce You to the “New You”!

Rocky is an experienced, fun and creative fitness specialist. His main focus is to help clients to experience a great lifestyle with physical training and total fat loss. To top it all, he is also an expert in Body Building who has won the Nationals Bodybuilding Championships in Singapore:

(1997 Jr, 1998 Jr, 2004 - 1st place )

(1999, 2000, 2001 - 2nd place )

He has also represented Singapore in various competition winning both the Asian Champion (Junior) in Vietnam - 1998 and SEA Gold

Medalist (Light-Middleweight) in Indonesia - 2004.


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