How COVID has RESHAPED the Fitness Industry forever

Updated: Jun 29

A sanitation worker sanitizing the gym

With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world two years ago, many nations including Singapore had to go through lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus. This is bad news for the economy where businesses are heavily impacted and this includes the fitness industry. Working adults have shifted to working from home and students have started with home-based learning. This means that we spend long periods cooped up at home without much physical activity. Health and fitness has undoubtedly taken a backseat.

Two girls taking a mirror selfie at CLASS UFC GYM

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the importance of regular exercise and healthy habits for everyone. Now that vaccinations and other safety measures are in place, fitness operators can resume business. Fitness is more important now than ever. The fitness industry is seeing a positive surge in new sign-ups as consumers who have missed the social interaction and motivation that they derive from physical classes are excited to be able to do so again more than ever.

One thing is for certain, people who regularly work out will not stop working out, and those who have not paid attention to their health and fitness would want to start working on it. This means that there are new opportunities and developments for the fitness industry in the near future.

Reception Area at UFC GYM Singapore, City Square

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