Here’s How Training Martial Arts Can Help Develop Your Kids

Updated: Oct 25

Exercise is great for every kid. It helps them to apply what they’ve learned in class and put it into practice.

Here are some reasons why training martial arts is beneficial for your kids:


We place an emphasis on personal development rather than team competition. Many children struggle to cope with the stress of competing with their peers. As a result, traditional sports may be unappealing to them. In martial arts, however, the emphasis is on self-improvement.


Students learn how to put what they've learned in class into practice in their daily lives. We educate students how to apply martial art training principles to a variety of situations. In and out of class, students are expected to be disciplined.

We instill in our students the value of being punctual, well-dressed, groomed, and attentive. We encourage respect, honor, courage, and discipline in our program. That is the ultimate goal of what we want to achieve in our programs, both on and off the training mat.


Bullying is unfortunately all too common within our community, especially with kids. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for example, can help kids to regain their self-esteem by giving them the confidence to stand up for themselves. Students will discover skills to help them deal with bullying in any setting.


As another example, boxing is a workout that requires your entire body, including your mind, to be present. Legs, hips, glutes, core, oblique's, back, shoulders, chest, and arms are all used in well thrown punches. Using all of these muscle groups at the same time necessitates a strong brain-body connection, which is a crucial skill for kids to master in any sport or activity. Martial Arts teaches your child how to integrate his or her mind and body in everyday life.

When someone first hears the letter, UFC, many people will associate it with violence. But here at UFC GYM Singapore, that is not the case, especially in our youth programs. Our programs are designed to keep kids active, motivated and confident.