As doctors and physiologists continue to learn about total body health and how to reap the benefits of regular exercise, more people than ever before, are turning toward physical fitness to augment and improve their overall health. Globally and domestically, the fitness industry is in demand.

UFC GYM is the only full-service gym franchise where the training programs of elite MMA athletes are made accessible to all, regardless of age or athletic ability. The UFC GYM franchise opportunity offers a proven model that combines the intense fitness programming you’d expect from one of the biggest brands in sports with unbeatable business benefits that help you capitalize on a surging category and rise above the competition.


With three fitness center models, the UFC GYM franchise opportunity offers a low barrier

to entry – and big potential.


The rise of fitness as a lifestyle has brought about a sea change in how people approach

working out.

HIIT is a fitness phenomenon and it shows no signs of slowing down. Yes, it’s fast and

furious – but it’s also fun and proven to be more enjoyable than slower-paced exercise

for club members, boosting engagement and keeping timetables ticking over smoothly.

The rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), with the recent sold out UFC 275

event that was held here in Singapore, has brought along a new wave with it, as more

regular people turn to various mixed martial arts disciplines as a way to stay fit, healthy

and mentally sound, all with no intention of ever actually fighting.

You will be able to attract and retain members with the wide variety of class options that

are available. The last thing you want is for someone to get stuck in one type of training

modality. People need variety and they need to feel engaged when they are working



Even though group activity isn't a new concept, it's seen massive international growth

over the past few years.

There is more desire than ever for a sense of community, especially given the 'start-stop'

two years we've all had. With everything slowly returning back to normalcy, people are

eager for personalized training experiences that provide them with a sense of belonging.

They are willing to pay a premium to receive the best service there is.

With over 360 locations worldwide, members can find the UFC GYM community

wherever they are. Always ready to keep them accountable and motivate them to reach

their fitness goals.

The benefits of the UFC GYM franchise opportunity are designed not only to give entrepreneurs like you a fighting chance at gym ownership – but to give you a path to victory in life and business.

There are currently plans to expand UFC GYM Singapore into new markets in the near future. They have recently launched a boutique fitness model, CLASS, located in E!Hub @ Downtown East on 15 April 2022. Since its opening, the outlet has seen tremendous growth and has now broken even, the shortest time for a CLASS model.

Build a community, your very own UFC GYM. Feel free to book a call with our Managing Director, Barnabas Huang, to go through any questions you have regarding the franchise or the locations. Get in touch today to learn more!