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Get Started for Health, Wellness or Fitness!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Whatever goals you have, we have a coach and training program that can support your success in pursuing that goal.

Woman shadow boxing in UFC gym Singapore to keep fit

Get Your Sexy On

Ladies, do you want to reduce that waistline and get a toned figure? We got you covered here in UFC Gym CityLink.

With the state of the art equipment, proven methods and a personalised workout regime, our fitness experts are here to show you, teach you and guide you into achieving a sustainable weight loss.

Lower your body fat percentage, firm up that body to a stronger and sexier you!

Join us on this 6-weeks Female Fat Loss programme today.

Man doing tyre flips

Get Stronger, Faster & Leaner

Are you frustrated with your physique? Are you hitting a plateau? Don’t worry, we got you!

Get your beast mode on with our finest personal trainers exclusively at UFC Gym CityLink. A 12 weeks programme will be tailored just for you to get stronger, faster and leaner. With our trainers having multitude of experiences in the fitness industry, you can be assured effectiveness and results in our training.

The fully rounded programme includes in-depth nutrition advice, and direct access to your trainers. This 12 Weeks Body Transformation Programme will be life-changing.