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Benefits of Functional Fitness

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Most people do not know but strength and conditioning is an important aspect of any athlete’s training.

Supplementing skill training with strength and conditioning is what allows an athlete to elevate themselves to a higher level because they will be able to execute skills and techniques more proficiently and effectively. However, a conventional “gym-goer” routine is not going to cut it.

When training martial arts, your body will be tested and pushed in ways that are totally different from lifting weights.

Functional training is more suitable if you are looking for a way to incorporate strength and conditioning into your training as these workout classes emphasize more on overall strength, speed, explosiveness, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance which are all important attributes if one is to become a better martial artist.

Here are some Functional Fitness classes you can try out at UFC GYM SINGAPORE:

Daily Ultimate Training (D.U.T ®)

Expect the unexpected in our signature high-intensity interval training class. Move through timed interval stations designed to consistently shock your system and deliver the results you want.


The perfect full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. This class follows a set series of drills to challenge cardio capacity, build strength, and improve balance and flexibility. UFC FIT class is great for cross-training and provides a unique mix of functional training and cardio that challenges the entire body in true MMA style.

Kickboxing Conditioning

Kickboxing Conditioning is the perfect total body workout, and the fastest way to that toned fighter physique you seek. You'll learn basic Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Western-Style Boxing skills combinations. Kickboxing Conditioning includes cardio calisthenics, bag work, punch - kick - knee elbow strikes, partner drills, pad work and core strengthening exercises. Come ready to sweat like crazy, build a rock solid core and burn hundreds of calories.