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Member's Series

Get results & get results the right way. Follow the journey of our members as they progress further on their fitness & wellness journey with us here at UFC Gym Singapore.

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NutriFirst specialise in sports nutrition & health supplement  products mainly from USA, as well as countries like Europe, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. Currently, NutriFirst distributes & retail in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar & Hong Kong. NutriFirst carries one of the largest range of supplement found in Singapore.

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*only applicable for CityLink outlet

Paik’s Bibim is the brainchild of Jong Won paik, one of Korea’s most successful and renowned celebrity chefs, who has anchored itself as a popular household favourite in Korea. Paik’s Bibim offers a modernized version of everyone’s favourite Korean dish – Bibimbap. Each of our Bibim dishes come with a good serving of fresh vegetables which together with other ingredients promote a balance and healthy diet.


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Looking for an upgrade? Sell your old & unwanted Jewellery to us! We take in Jadeite, Nephrite, Wood carvings, Gemstones, Crystals & Jewellery Pieces. We provide Type A Burmese Jadeite, Natural Nephrite, Semi-Precious & Precious Gemstones, Natural Crystals, Antiques, Diamonds, 750/916/999 Gold & 925 Silver Jewelry.


Enjoy 10% OFF your total bill!

*only applicable for Funan outlet

At SIN GAN TIAN, you can enjoy a SIN-free, refreshing treat at any time of the day. Our acai and yoghurt bowls are blended with organic acai and handmade yoghurt finished with fresh-cut fruits to deliver an unforgettable experience/to bring the best acai/yoghurt bowls to you. Try Singapore's only Acai Pearls lovingly crafted at SIN GAN TIAN for an unforgettable experience you won't regret

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Exclusive offers just for you!

  • Get $20 off the introductory fee (U.P $99) when you review your finances with MoneyOwl

  • Enjoy 5% off the public advisory fee for investments

  • Up to 55% first-year commission rebate when you purchase insurance through MoneyOwl!


MoneyOwl is an NTUC social enterprise that empowers everyday Singaporeans to live fulfilling lives through honest, expert and comprehensive financial advice. MoneyOwl is Singapore’s first bionic financial adviser that delivers advice through a combination of fully salaried, non-commissioned advisers and proprietary robo-advisory platforms.

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