Defy your doubts and crush your goals. Get results & get results the right way. Follow the journey of our members as they progress further on their fitness & wellness journey with us here at UFC Gym Singapore.

Meet Dani

Bullied as a child because of his weight, Dani decided to make a lifestyle change to make a change physically and mentally.

Meet Sarvin

Sarvin always wanted to get into the best shape in his life and with his training here at UFC Gym Singapore - he did.

Meet Aamir

Facing some troubles in his life, Amir, 32 decided to overcome it with Fitness.

Meet Inge

As a Dance Performer, Ingelica wanted to find an outlet to not just stay fit but to be able to also equip herself with self-defence skills!

Meet Hazaana

Always getting picked on due to her small size, Hazaana wanted to find a way to stand up for herself both physically and mentally.

Meet Minhui

Being an active person most of her youth, Minhui hit a slump and stopped exercising. She finally found her motivation at UFC Gym Singapore to continue her active lifestyle.

Meet Samson

As a chef instructor, Samson gained a lot of weight due to the nature of his work. Due to his weight gain, he also has some health complications and that's when he decided to make a positive change in his life,