It’s you versus the bag in this invigorating, empowering class. Discover your inner warrior and reveal incredible physical results as you build muscular strength and cardio endurance.



Looking for a rock-solid body? As you learn to master the six basic boxing punches you’re sure to get shredded. Boxing Conditioning combines strength work and cardio conditioning to strike a total body balance. Move through a series of seven 3-minute rounds, alternating between speed and power. Hit your core with extra attention before class ends. Get an extra rush from the energy in class. It’s second to none! Open to all skill levels and designed to be scaled. We welcome beginners and can challenge an advanced athlete. Grab wraps, gloves and meet your coach in the bag area!


  • Champion Members

  • Ultimate Members


  • Boxing Shoes or Sports Shoe

  • Athletic Wear

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Hand Wraps